Wednesday, 1 June 2016

In the North Sea!

Utter chaos seems to be the picture of the day! Things frequently blamed on the computer happen with really monotonous regularity!
The time on the ships screen shows that it's seven am.....when actually it's only six....I had to ring the purser to get it right!
Getting on board yesterday was easy.....apart from a long delay whilst the air tunnel was reattached.
Our table in the dining room consists of four people from Cornwall.....and two Scottish ladies with almost no English that we can understand!
The Cornish contingent knew exactly where I live even identifying my position in relation to the water tower!
Lots of things have changed but we are greeted gladly by the staff who remember us, even as to how we like our drinks!
Michael and I have separate cabins which is just as well as there are small things wrong with both of them!
Inger, the Cunard lady captain is joining us this week. We are confident she will knock it all into shape!
In the meanwhile the North Sea is quiet, the mist reveals nothing much and we have a day at sea before arriving in Hamburg tomorrow.
I'm trying to keep this day peaceful.....but am not confident that I will succeed!
PS. The internets not working either!
PPS. Having been informed that I was not on their system...what ever that might mean I have now joined...I think! We shall see!

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