Sunday, 12 June 2016

Last day in chaos!

Our last day on board has arrived. Yesterday was not good. Kiel was closed!
We went out to look at a fishing village where lads were playing basket ball on the beach and it was raining.
Back in town we found that everything was closed. It was Sunday!
We should have been visiting on Saturday but had been delayed by our inability to get out of the harbour in St Petersburg!
No one is happy!
This was reflected at supper last night when I was soundly told off by a fellow guest for reflecting that a baked Alaska should have crisp meringue rather than the gluey mess served up!
This further spoiled the general mood so it's just as well that today is packing day.
A general air of disquiet is apparent. Travel plans have to be rearranged. We normally dock very early in Southampton but it will be eleven before we arrive tomorrow. I have to ring our taxi but some guests will miss their trains and flights!
I have enjoyed most of the experience but it has been different. And I hate packing day!

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UKViewer said...

By now, you will be back home. A pity about Keil there is a British Army sailing centre at the harbour there. You'd have met some enthusiastic, dedicated soldier sailors if you'd have got there.