Thursday, 9 June 2016

Missed the boat.

We are still in St Petersburg having missed our appointed slot last night. One coach got back late and the wind was blowing up a storm. So we are still here...I expect we will get moving soon but we did have a quiet night against all expectations.
The next stop is Kiel in Germany as we make our way home.
There I am meeting one of our councillors from Truro who is interested in what's going on on the Roseland. This small world gets smaller!
I have a cold I think and spent much of yesterday in I missed seeing the Hermitage. I am still a little tired this morning but very glad of a good nights sleep..I had got very tired.
My ankles had swollen to twice their size yesterday and after a day of rest are now back to normal....I intend a quiet day today if possible!
God willing!

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