Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Talking to myself

I have the first quiet day today since I arrived back in this country!
So I am listening to the radio...my best companion since becoming a widow!
So far as I know no one is expecting anything of me today....
I have sent off bad tempered emails to all and sundry explaining that I need a couple of quiet days to pull myself back into normality......what ever that might mean!
The entire house is untidy.....all the robes, surpluses etc used since I got home are still out....so the first job is to put them all away....
That's one of the few good things for living alone. No one else needs to see my chaos...
I will on Thursday go to vote what ever else I am called on to do!
Michael Gove has just failed to convince me that I need to vote Brexit! I can't think of any other politician over the years who has caused me so much angst!
As I pad around the house tidying up, the radio will be my companion....I need no other right now!
Yesterday I looked in vain for one of my friends on Facebook. So I rang....its been a month since I saw her last post.
She died whilst I was away!
During the day I will pray....as well as tidy...
I have warned my friend the new widow not to worry if she starts to talk outloud when she's in the house on her own...we all do it!
By tomorrow my house will be tidy, we will be past the longest day and I will be back to what for me is normal.... And I will have a chat with my old friend who has gone aloft...
We all do it!

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