Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Too old for the hustings!

The sun is bright...and people are making a huge decision today!
The number of emails from various groups have proliferated hugely
all exhorting me not just to vote but to get out and help get voters out.
I took great exception to the one from the Labour Party starting with, "I don't see your name Jean"
Why the Labour Party are assuming I am one of them is a mystery anyway but to be haranguing me to go out and join in the canvassing is assuming that I am able to do so.......I'm not! Even if I was desperate to help I simply couldn't do it...
I have lots of things to do today already...including a wedding rehearsal this afternoon...
The bottom line here though is my age.
As a young woman I used to help in the way suggested yesterday but dam it I am much too old now.
I sent a very bad tempered email back...
I am not a member of the Labour Party, I am a member of the Green Party.
And dam it I am 79 today....much too old to go out on the hustings!
The Labour Party shooting its self in the foot yet again comes to one needs to be reminded of their frailty at this time! I am far too much aware of it already...
The knowledge that my next birthday will make me an octogenarian ......really old in fact and trying to get me out canvassing just depresses me further!
I will be voting remain this morning...but that's my only contribution to the effort...

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