Tuesday, 19 July 2016

BT connections.

Broadband.....don't get me going on the subject of broadband!
This is my oft repeated scream of angst on this subject!
I live in a glorious place. I have views to die for. I have had my name on the list of people waiting for a superfast connection for years!
Most of the other people have now got their connection but I was told recently that I would never get it.....
Along the main road that lies between St Mawes and St Just are several old farms...
Some are still farms.
Mine lies next to the road and is easily reached. My phone line is overhead and during the immense storms here I am used to my broadband winking in and out! But it is slow compared to most I know.
There are four homes in this small group...the others would like superfast too. But BT have no plans to deliver it and I do understand that it would be an immense expense...so I am just being selfish but every time I hear that BT are "trying" I just get cross.....
Don't get me going on this subject.....!
Every time the road is blocked by one of their vans I want to scream....I haven't forgotten the year they cut me off with no notice for three weeks!
There's not much in this life that makes me foam at the mouth but this is one of them!

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  1. Foaming at the mouth is what I do when my shaving foam canister misfires.

    So BT lives up to it's reputation of appalling customer service.

  2. Having started in my Parish in February and only got a landline and broadband 1st June I sympathise! BT!!