Sunday, 31 July 2016

Displacement activity

Another week. Another set of problems...
My car is taking centre stage this week. It's MOT is due this month...
It's not young....but the mileage done since David died is very small compared to previous years!
After it broke down very spectacularly last year when the alternator went going up a very steep hill, I joined the Mercedes club.
This consists of paying a direct debit every month to ensure no more huge bills would come my theory!
Tomorrow they will come from the other side of the Roseland to pick it up...small jobs needing to be done for some time will finally get sorted out before bringing it home later!
This means that for good or ill I'm grounded tomorrow.....
As I've grounded myself over the last week this really doesn't matter.
This morning for the first time I've got something else to deal with away from my grief!
For this I am grateful.... I will take it out , over to see friends in the next village.... I am hoping not to be treated with too much compassion...I have shed far too many tears already!

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  1. Cars do need TLC - not sure if we give them enough attention, as long as they get us from A to B. Bit like our lives sometimes.....