Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dover's problems.

The stories of the holdup getting through the traffic in Dover reminded me strongly of last year when I got caught up in Operation Stack.
Travelling to get on a ship in Dover had looked like s good idea when I booked the cruise but the number of parked lorries along the stretch of motorway was frightening!
It is so much worse this year I can see at a glance and I feel dreadfully sorry for those people who are having such an appalling start to their summer holidays...
The current state of the world where one person with a gun or a lorry can mow down dozens of innocent people is deeply first thoughts about the French authorities was rather unkind after Brexit but who could blame them after the several attacks they have suffered if they are making it harder to get into their country.
None of us feel safe now when a world of diverse people we can never be sure that the nice young man smiling at us does not harbour extreme views!
All we can do is pray when we are able..that the violence subsides instead of intensifying...
Hear our prayer Lord.

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  1. I travel to Cantebury regularly to see my SD. I use back roads to avoid the motorways - but even they get clogged.