Monday, 11 July 2016

Down memory lane.

Going out with an old friend last night was lovely....but full of memories .
Lost loved ones took centre stage naturally...
It's difficult when a different perception of someone I loved dearly is very different from the other persons recollections..
"Did I really say that ? "
"How did she know that?"
All our recollections are subjective obviously now seen through the mists of time....
I am two years older than last nights companion. He thought it was the other way round....
He brought me sad news of another old friend who is losing his grip on reality...
I suppose if we get to be the veterans who are still reasonably able bodied and of sound mind we are the lucky ones...the ones who have survived several catastrophes with reasonable grace.
Last nights friend used to be my dentist....this means that for the first five minutes I have to try not to smile too much or too widely...then caution gets thrown to the wind...along with the first glass of wine.
There were no awkward moments, no searching for topics of conversation, no hesitation about what we were going to eat or drink...we both were aware of the others likes and dislikes over many years of holidaying together.
Last night though was a sort of a landmark...we actually agreed on politics and that  what was happening in parliament was appalling...we even agreed  that we really wished our prime minister was staying put...because we both thought that Cameron seemed a very decent chap!
The meal was excellent.
The drive home beautiful , the coffee at my house drunk without embarrassment. We knew each other far too well to be worried about one of us pouncing on the other..
Thank God for very old friends!

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