Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fewer tears today!

Yesterday was exhausting and tearful.
During the morning a good friend arrived to talk it all through. Pastoral care can be difficult. It's part of my job but when I'm on the receiving end of it, it is often overwhelming.
I could not eat. I made my trusted friend, milky coffee sustain me through the day.
Feeling totally useless I tried to find out just what had happened to my dear man. It took me two hours to find out which hospital he'd been taken to .
The hospital is a good two hour drive away from here.
I knew I couldn't drive through holiday traffic to get there but suddenly another friend arrived and got me into her car taking no nonsense. We went visiting!
Whilst I talked to my sick man my other friend collected up all the leaflets on the subject of strokes and how to deal with them .
Today's task is to read right through them all.
It was late when we got home.
But I knew I'd done the right thing. My friend knew me and was able to talk...and was glad to see me.
The drive home seemed endless but it's something I'd be unable to do on my own so today I give grateful thanks...
For those who help , who know when to talk and when to listen, who are aware of all the play of emotion as you watch a loved one struggle to perform a simple task I am very grateful.
I did a lot of praying yesterday...sometimes I was angry with God even as I asked for help...
Today there will be fewer I address ways of making a very difficult situation work. It's a day for practicalities. . I just hope I am equal to the task.

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