Thursday, 21 July 2016

Full up!

Our visitors have the hundreds.
The roads are busy as people assume we are in a heat wave!
This is not true. Yesterday was mostly dull. It even rained once! We are not having the sort of weather people are hoping for.
From my perch high on the cliffs I hear the cars rushing past. There are a lot more of them!
The main sign that we have started our season is the slowness of the wifi!
Small things like opening emails, posting the blog etc are taking very much longer than usual!
The number of people trecking past the house has gone up radically in the last week!
No one is complaining ....yet...we all know that our visitors are what keep our economy buoyant.
We need our summer visitors and rejoice when they arrive. It's only when we are trying to lead our normal lives that we realise the price we pay for living in such a glorious place!
I'm sure I've blogged all this before...every summer in fact but the season has started early this year due to the good weather...
It is therefore unfortunate that we have only had two days of glorious sunshine..
It is dull this morning...honestly. Warm but dull. I see the first cliff walker from my bed....
I have to go down to the village this morning. I need cash to pay my gardener who has no bank account...
I have to readjust all my normal activities from now on...take nothing for granted. Relearning old habits gets harder every year....especially when it could take quarter of an hour to post this blog!
It's the price we pay every year for living in this glorious place...And worth it !

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