Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Moving house!

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the date I moved to Cornwall. I have moved around Great Britain several times in my life time and this was the best!
I left my home in Essex with my golden retriever Crispin in the back of my Discovery in mid morning after the removal van had departed!
I knew we would get there first, it was a very long journey from one side of the country to the other. When I arrived I had arranged for an overnight stop with a friend in the village.
The removal van turned up in mid morning and all my stuff was crammed into a much smaller house than the one we'd left behind us.
Over the next weeks good friends arrived to help find homes for everything. It soon became obvious that it was too furniture , books and pictures didn't fit!
We stored quite a lot in the garage until a local builder arrived to convert the garage into a dining room!
It took about six months to get it all sorted out but it was the best move I ever made!
I joined the church choir, had a club named after me....or rather my dead husband. The investment club met in the local I got used to popping in and out on my own, something I'd never been able to do on my own!
Every morning I walked my dog around the cliffs or down to the beach...
I knew most people by name already and there were always people to chat to as I went!
In my life I had moved house lots of times. From north to south, to Wales and then to Essex....
I had lived in towns and countryside. I had never lived by the sea before and I loved it!
The village looked after me. I made good friends and went into the church.
It really was a good move....and today I celebrate it with joy....thank you God for these and all your blessings...

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