Saturday, 2 July 2016

Our glorious leader?

Most mornings I have a quick look at the Timehop app on my iPad. It goes back six years and is full of photos, stories of past times, epic journeys and happy memories side by side with the sad ones.
This mornings collection contained a press cutting from Sir Ken Robinson.
He tells us that Gove's plan for education was to scrap organised state education. He was going to privatise the schools.
This of course turned into his plan to bring all schools into becoming academies.
This had nothing to do with education. It had everything to do with his desire for total control over everything to do with education.
This was I believe the first indication that he was extremely ambitious but also that his self belief urging him onwards was to the greater glory of Gove rather than state education.
The attempt to force schools into academy status in the last budget has since been rescinded but I imagine only against Gove's better judgement.
We have seen this week that this extraordinary self belief was what made him stab his friend in the back .
His declaration that he had a burning desire to change this country started with the Brexit debate...and was followed by his appallingly callous treatment of Boris.
I hope the Conservative party have the sense not to elect him as their leader...right now we really need a sensible pair of hands...not someone burning with the zeal to change everything to his own greater glory....
Prayers for everyone involved in government are needed right now!

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