Friday, 8 July 2016

Strange new world.

I was up early this gardener gets here at eight o'clock and I have new plants to go in.
Coming indoors I switched on the radio!
Listening to all the stuff going on in the world I wanted to dive back under the duvet. Arghhhhh........
Killings in Dallas have got a familiar ring!
The Chilcot report with all it's ramifications is still taking centre stage but getting edged out by the reaction to the two women who are set to do battle for the top job in the Conservative party.
Then we turned to schools.
The outgoing Chief Inspector of Ofsted was being extremely careful about what he was prepared to say about his successor .....
Some people were less cagey....she apparently has no experience at all in we have to assume she is the choice of those two MPs who have been working hard to put their own spins on the education system currently being taken apart in the name of ideology!
Gove started this revolution in his day and left the completion of the project to Nicky Morgan..
We can I think now assume that the new Chief Inspector is part of this destruction of the Local Authorities hold on Education...
Listening to all this just makes my duvet even more I hold it over my head in order to scream!
Only one good thing can be said least Gove's ambitions were thwarted.....For the time being!

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