Sunday, 17 July 2016

Summer is here!

Down to do the eight o'clock communion this morning I realised that summer has indeed arrived.
Getting to church early was a joy this morning in contrast to the dark January mornings. No slippery paths to skid down, enough light to see if there is water in the creek and no heating needed anywhere!
By contrast the church was full of glorious flowers from yesterday's wedding, the scent of lilies hung on the air and people were smiling...
Plans were being made for spending a day of high summer!
One lady had her twins arriving for lunch....they are now sixty!
Several were going out in their boats.
The unexpected pleasure was reflected in great smiles on all our faces as we wished each other well!
The passing of time is irrelevant here now...on a day like today the beaches will be full of joyful children, all the boats will be out looking for wind, and friends will gather in the various pubs and clubs!
I will put on a big hat and a high factor sun cream and spend the day pottering around the garden.
Raspberries, gooseberries and cherries need to be picked...the apples are fattening up nicely...

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