Saturday, 23 July 2016

Visiting problems!

My recent set of summer visitors has brought me to the realisation that my house needs "old" proofing.
I do have the chair lift to negotiate the stairs with...and this proves very useful for many of my elderly friends but that's where the helpful bit ends.
The hard pressed NHS determined that things like hand rails and grabs in the bathrooms were needed as my husband got steadily worse...They arrived to put them in two days after the funeral so they went away again.
The bath is now a no go area since seeing a friend in Madeira unable to get out of one! Getting two strong men to help out is not a viable option in this fairly isolated house!
I have got used to the ideosyncracies of the showering arrangements...but it has been known for water to stream out and along the landing by the bathroom door...
I have put down rubber mats to prevent sliding in the bathrooms...
But there are no grab rails anywhere that's useful!
I as yet don't need these useful things but realise that at some stage I will...
In the meanwhile if you value your dignity ......
One friend has got something that lowers her into her bath...but she keeps her alarm button close at hand to summon help if necessary.
An alarm button is not something I think I need....yet...but it's only a matter of time!
Ano domini is looming for us all but I am much more aware of it of late...
My energetic days seem to be good a reason for cruising as I can think be it Lord!

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  1. You know you are getting old when you realise your favourite pop group is 'Geriatric and the Pacemakers'

    When you wake up each morning you can greet it with a shout of 'YES!! Another one!! '

  2. Sound ideas. When we get our bathroom redone as a wet room, we intend to get grab handles where they seem appropriate - we just need to get around to doing the whole house......