Sunday, 3 July 2016

What next?

Gosh it's a strange Sunday! I'm not working so it feels as though I should be resting....but I'm not.
I have had time to scan the headlines and note with some pleasure that both Boris and Gove are not getting a good press!
But then neither is Corbyn....who is refusing a meeting with his deputy now!
What on earth is the rest of the world making of all this!
The report on our invasion of Iraq is due out this week to add to all the contemporary troubles.
We have had taut times before of course. The last time I was glued to the radio was during the Thatcher debacle..
Did those who who advocated Brexit not see this appalling situation?
On the radio this morning we have Shirley Williams and Edwina Curry debating the various scenarios......both women I admire.
But no solutions's just a mess!
I have done my morning prayer on my own...and have gone straight back to the radio...
It's hard to know what to pray for right now...we can't go back to before the vote....
The best we can pray for all of those involved , all those who are nursing hurt pride and all those who have no idea what to do next!

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  1. "and all those who have no idea what to do next" and those who have ideas but no power.
    Like you I am glad to see Gove getting a bad press (no more than he deserves), but still see no light at the end of the very long tunnel.

  2. The whole business is a disaster and the lack of foresight by our precious politicians now seems endemic. Tony Blair didn't have any plan for Post Saddam Iraq (nor did his allies) and look where we are now. The law of unintended consequences seems to have been quite forgotten. The Bank of England, seems to have been the only National Institution, which has done any planning, and among the Banks, HSBC moved it's investment arm to parish, immediately following the leave vote, showing at least some commercial priorities were prepared.

    I heard that Radio 4 conversation that you describe, and you are right, they didn't really have any real idea of how to get some backbone and leadership to the current tribe at Westminster.

    It's a national disgrace and I hope that the electorate react accordingly - we should chuck the lot out, starting with MP's local parties selecting any sitting MP who isn't doing what they're paid to do -which is to govern for the greater good.