Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Where's the diesel?

Yesterday was very odd!
Do we all have days like this? When everything has suddenly turned pear shaped and nothing feels normal?
It started when I realised I had very little fuel in my car!
Last week I had driven much further than usual and had neglected the gentle reminders my car had given me.
The nearest garage is around fifteen miles away...off I went, parked by the pumps and heard a voice saying
"I haven't got any! "
What? No diesel at the only garage for miles?
No' he really didn't have any.
"I can get some," he announced. "But not till this afternoon. "
He peered at my gage. "You'll get home "he said.
"Yes but will I get back again? " this question was left unanswered...
I knew almost everyone in that village. Time to do some visiting.
The morning was spent with two old dears...whilst I tried to pretend that I wasn't waiting for some diesel to arrive.
On getting back behind the wheel my indicator told me I was running on my emergency tank......this has never happened before so I had no idea how far I could get.
Plans formed in my head....the pub would be open dreckly. But then I'd be in no fit state to drive anyway!
Who else did I know? Almost everyone but it was now almost lunch time...not a good time to arrive for a visit and anyway I couldn't drive round and round...that's what had got me into this mess in the first place.
Walking is good I told myself...at the bottom of the hill was the sea...but if I walked down I'd have to claw my way back up.
In the interim I just sat, engine off and considered my best moves...I didn't even have my mobile phone with me.
Eventually the diesel arrived...
I filled up remembering that this particular garage only took cash...that was touch and go but as he had said once before when I arrived without my purse,he knew where I lived!
"It's all these visitors" the garage man said "School doesn't break up till next week and I wasn't expecting a heat wave! "
It was true, the Roseland was full of as much traffic as in August so we blamed the weather for bringing out the emmets early.
We both felt a certain satisfaction in this!
It's was a funny old day!

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  1. DH insists on filling up his car as soon as the gauge reaches just below half full, means the bill never seems so bad when it is just over half a tank full. As our offspring live over an hour and over two hours away (timings can be subject to a following wind) in an emergency he wouldn't want to be faffing around trying to fill up, especially given we don't use supermarket petrol so need to find a proper garage.

  2. Always used to keep a full tank when working, but these days, just once a month. Meanwhile spouse who works locally wants her tank filled if it goes down one notch - obsessive or what?