Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Women in power.

Who ever would have thought it! Militant women on the rampage!
So much has happened over the last weeks that it's hard to keep up!
But the bottom line is that we will have another woman prime minister again tomorrow.
What ever Teresa May's qualities are she is not following in hallowed shoes!
All of us remember the way Margaret Thatcher ran the country....it's not encouraging .
I just hope that the lessons learned from that time are not forgotten by any of us....
The thought of another militant woman leading the Labour Party is slightly more interesting....
Just as I feel sorry for David Cameron so I feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn.
He is a thoroughly decent chap I think and maybe without the unions pushing him from behind he would have been able to go with grace....as it is I hope the push doesn't get too violent.
My father, a communist of long standing was the secretary of his union...it was a full time job. During his period in office he never presided over a strike....he would go out in the middle of the night to talk to militant paper workers...and usually found a solution. His reasons for avoiding strikes were simple. The men didn't get paid if they didn't work and the women and children took the brunt.
What he would make of the strength of the union bosses today is hard to imagine but it seems to be the unions that are intent on keeping Jeremy in place.
The next few days are going to be interesting...but for all our sake I hope it's all sorted out soon....you can have too much drama in your life!

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