Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A shout in a crowd!

This morning, getting off the ship there were the usual number of people queuing hopefully to reach dry land.
Suddenly a shout went up.
We all froze. No other words came with it. But who had shouted it?
We are now in the world of possible violence. No one is safe and because we have seen it reported on the nightly news that before some attacks the words
"Allah is great" are shouted , just the one word shouted in the middle of a great crowd of people concerned us all.
Maybe because we were too old and slow to react but the shout over we all went back to queuing to get off! A momentary shock subsided...
Later I discussed this with two Germans who had recently been in Paris.
They had also heard the one word shouted. Their first reaction was to drop to the ground! No one did that...but it made those of us who heard it worry a little.
We live in dangerous times. We can no longer take our personal security for granted.
It was I am sure someone's idea of a joke...but shouters beware...a crowd could turn nasty very quickly!

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