Saturday, 6 August 2016

Back to work!

Today I am preparing for a service tomorrow. My brain is empty. Nothing is pressing me for inclusion.
We have been here before. Some years ago one of my first services after my husband died was in this church which is about twenty miles away.
I had hoped no one there would be aware of my bereavement but of course they were so I had to employ my usual phrase...."Please don't be nice to me."
I am fine providing no one tries to talk to me at the beginning whilst I'm attempting to get my head round new service sheets and all the changes made since I was last there.
The bottom line is that although on paper it's the same service , in fact various incumbents , wanting to put their own stamp on their church have sometimes made negotiating a quiet and contemplative route through the service difficult and complicated.
It helps that the congregation are delighted with their priest who is enjoying a well deserved holiday . Visiting churches where the reverse is true requires massive tact from the visiting priest.
Right now my antennae are not tuned to any changes made since I last visited about six months ago, so I will go prepared for what ever gets thrown at me....
I will go early. I may need to sort out hymns, intercessions etc.
It will all take my mind off all the other problems currently occupying my mind and starts today whilst I write the sermon.
Back to work we go!

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