Saturday, 27 August 2016


I am feeling a little better...but. This bug has munched my brain....I have told everyone at home that I'm back on Tuesday...but that is two days before the actual event!
I am still coughing for Britain...and feeling fragile but that is a massive improvement on how I felt earlier.
So today is the last stop in Norway...we are going to Stavanger!
I have a trip booked and I might go on it...much will depend on how I feel when I start moving!
This has been a bad couple of weeks....not actually Cunards fault but everything , coloured with loss has been hard to cope with even before the bug got me!
Everyone else on board seems to be having a good time, even the girl on my table who had to find a dentist in Bergen...
No trip has been so miserable but that was to be expected I think.
I have made friends...some of whom may keep in touch..
It hasn't put me off cruising...but I shall not be dashing to go anywhere for a while...I am happy to stay put at home for some time is still the most beautiful place in the world!

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