Wednesday, 17 August 2016

First day on board ship!

Waking up on my first morning at sea I am certain of one thing.....everything has changed!
For a start I have so far only met a couple of English people...the words spoken so far have all been German..apparently there is a mass migration tomorrow when we get to Hamburg.
Foraging for breakfast, having got up too late to eat in the dining room I found myself in a help yourself problem there until I asked for a tray.
They don't do trays any more!
Which means that eating several courses means getting up between each course and praying your table is still yours when you get back, providing you can find it again!
Communication has become monosyllabic and gesture based!
It's all very different from what we  had grown to love on the other Queens! and Michael would have hated it, as would David.
I will find my way around it I know...
I have walked the deck.
I don't fancy any of the lectures but am quite happy to explore on my own.
The shops are good here!

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  1. I do hope that after the mass migration you are able to find people to socialise with and enjoy your holiday

  2. It does seem strange that on a flagship cruise ship that their customer service is so poor? Perhaps it's about the cost cutting, meaning lower quality staff being hired - if that is the case, they stand in anger of losing their reputation, particularly with regular cruise passengers. Perhaps a visit to Trip Adviser and leaving an uncomplimentary post might change things.