Friday, 26 August 2016

Going to the doctors...

Now this is getting ridiculous....I have spent a couple of hours this morning at the doctors... It's not the first time...David and I had to go before flying home from Capetown on a previous cruise on this ship!
Quite a lot of people are now walking around coughing....and I'm told our table was depleted by more than me last night!
We are moored in a most beautiful fiord. Flam is the name of the village. I am booked on a tour this afternoon but the young doctor from South Africa asked me not to I won't....another day in my cabin is not the end of the world...
Small irritations mount up when you are feeling rotten. This afternoon my door key failed to let me in so off I went to get it fixed. On coming "home"I got in but on trying to get onto the net it locked me out....the letters on the card had changed!
Off I went again...the girl on the desk fixed it for me and I now hope to be able to post this tomorrow.
You learn to take nothing for granted these day..
It's now two days since I had any food...I'm not fit to sit at the table...I would feel bad if I gave them all this hideous cold as a parting gift!
A man I spoke to at the beginning has clearly not had the same problem. He has at least doubled in girth since we started!
Room service will bring me something later...I'm sure..
Much later.
I slept extremely well last night and an awake and ready to rejoin the world again...the medicine seems to have worked!
We are in Bergen..last visited on an Olsen cruise...a lovely place! Fingers crossed I shall see some of it!

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  1. Let's hope that's the end of your virus. Time for a change for the better methinks.
    Blessings. X

  2. Gosh, Jean, I hope you are feeling much better now! What a pain, to be sick on the board. :-(