Sunday, 28 August 2016

Goodbye to Norway.

Yesterday was a flurry of activity ...Stavanger was a lovely place with lots of wooden houses painted white....
So popular were they that their residents have now been forbidden to paint them any other colour . They have to remain white.
I was reminded of the time when the painter in St Mawes asked me if my house was to stay white and I replied thoughtfully
"I was thinking of pink for the next time!"
And I was only partly joking...
My house, like the ones in Norway stayed white....
I have seen lots of wonderful things...met many lovely people but hated every bloody minute of it... Especially the door between my cabin and the next one which should have been open!
Norway is lovely. No argument there...
Today is a sea day so I can have a rest again..
I am feeling a little I can walk around the ship and in the sunshine greet people I have got to know!
Tomorrow we land in Hamburg...where most of the German guests will disembark...presumably to allow more to get on.
It may be some time before I come back in this direction. Too much pain.
Too many bad memories. And I'm still coughing for Britain!

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