Saturday, 13 August 2016

Green energy!

As I spend quite a lot of time bemoaning the number of annoying phone calls exhorting me to become greener it seems only fair to redress the situation when I can....
Several years ago David and I put solar tiles on our roof...we did pay for them..they were I think subsidised but quite a lot of money was spent in going green.
I now get calls from earnest young people trying to sell me other green solutions to the energy problems.
The latest seems to be installing batteries to store the electricity and enable me to use the electricity that's home made...
At present I have two processes going on...we make electricity as well as using it.
Every quarter I get a request for a meter reading.This I send off and later a notification telling me how much I have earned arrives.
The money goes into my account.
I get an email giving me details. I regret to say that this time I read it badly.
I rang the electricity company to ask why on this decent summer my rate of return had gone down radically.
The young man at the end of the line was polite and helpful.
"Scroll down" he said....I had only noticed the first two lines of the information.
The bottom line was that the payment back was the best yet..and this morning a very handsome sum has appeared in my account.
This money will pay for all the power I use and indeed quite a lot of the oil central heating as well!
David had worked out how many years it would take us to recoup our money..
I think we will be there quite soon!

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