Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Medical stuff.

One of my best friends here is a doctor. She is frail and even older than I am but she still gets around and drives herself all over the place on a regular basis. Her mind is unclouded. Her vision clear. It's just her legs that are old!
I am very fond of her and I go to see her when I can in the vain assumption that I'm doing her good!
After seeing her yesterday morning I realise that it's very much the other way round.
She has done me a power of good.
By taking me through every step of the story of what happened to my lovely friend Michael I now know that death was inevitable and indeed kind in the long run.
But there still remains the mystery...that everyone has told me that he never regained consciousness when I knew he did. He talked to me. He remembered our holiday in Madeira...he told me how much I meant to him as he lay damaged fatally.
It was not wishful thinking , it happened...and she has explained how and that his survival was not possible with the sort of damage he'd suffered. I've come home happier now, even though a little damp because we were lucky and even though our luck finally ran out it was not before we had done all the things together we had planned to do...
So today I am taking the two friends here who knew him out to the hotel where Michael and I had lunch whenever he was will be a sort of wake for him..we will drink to his memory and speed him on his way.
I shall go armed with several large hankies.

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