Monday, 22 August 2016

Not at all well!

Yesterday simply convinced me that it was not just old age that was affecting me. I realised that I was ill.
The Cunard cough became a full scale coughing, sneezing, wheezing attack.
I stayed on the coach during the stops so that I didn't exhaust myself...
I then slept for hours on my return...
Dressing for dinner I realised that I could not actually make it so I sent for an egg sandwich and some scotch.
After that I went to bed and slept...and slept.
This morning I am booked on the trip to look at an old church.
To get there I have to go ashore using a tender!
The tender option out at sea is not inviting when waves are making it all rough but moored as we are in a fiord it should be a doddle. But I am not going!
I have to try to get myself well today...I may even go to the doctors.. It depends how I feel when I get moving...
Someone was taken off on a helicopter yesterday . I don't want it be me today!
This is a beautiful country...glorious are the views and the people .
For me today is going to be as quiet as possible...I shall just be content to look!
The internet is very slow today....I can't post this just yet!

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