Friday, 19 August 2016


Woke up in a fiord! It's very beautiful .
We are not yet berthed...but today is the day we do Oslo!
I am slowly sorting out various people and making friends...
The poor lady next door forgot a suitcase . Unfortunately it was the one containing the formal clothes...we have freed to contribute various items but today is going to be a major shopping day for her!
I've stopped weeping whenever anyone asks about my travelling companion..
Oddly the staff on board are people I've met before who remember David...
Life gets complicated at times!
I am booked on a bus tour today....all I have to do is get off complete with passport!
I was never asked for my passport, and I'd got the whole thing wrong anyway!
I had not noticed the word "cruise" in the title....
We were lead  to a large masted schooner and taken round the harbour and beyond!
It's a lovely place! But  haven't taken too many pics!  The sun stayed behind the clouds and I wasn't wearing warm don't need to keep warm on a bus and that's where I thought we were going!

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  1. I hope that you have an interesting, not challenging day.