Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Poor start!

The first day on board the Queen Mary 2 has not been encouraging...
I am missing Michael more than I ever imagined but so far there has been nothing much to make me feel any better.
Getting on board was easy and there it stopped.
It's been quite a while since David and I were on this ship and nothing is where I remembered it.
The organisation has not been good.
My large suitcase failed to turn up in my cabin and I was asked to go down to the lobby to identify it.
There were quite a few cases sitting in reception all having had their room labels torn off. Having located mine I had to try to get it to my room , impossible with using a lift!
The lifts were not all working. I waited almost half an hour before getting on one!
Unpacking was then interrupted by having to attend the safety drill. The fact that it's only barely two months since I attended an identical one on the Queen Elizabeth didn't count! I could feel my bolshy streak coming on!
Michael should be in the next cabin.......and we have adjoining balconies...it could have been bliss....but it's definately not!
I expect it will all be ok ultimately but so far I am not impressed!

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  1. Prayers continue - I do hope that things get better.