Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I have a recurring problem with my TV. It has been a mystery for some time. Twice after I'd been away I could not get the digital television on. It stayed black.
The Bang and Olufson TV is not new and has an extra box fitted to enable Freeview. It's that that seems to fail.
My poor cleaner could find no solution as to why after the last two cruises I couldn't get anything on the TV at all.
We came up with a daft idea. If no one was using it the TV simply closed itself down! Well there had to be some reason!
But yesterday , switching it on to watch the early evening news the problem was back!
On the previous two occasions I sent for a TV engineer who simply walked in, tampered with the back of the TV and produced the magic!
Last evening I failed to find the phone number of the man who did the magic...so I rang another one to explain the problem .
A very good natured chap said he'd come round after he'd watched the sailing in Rio. As a throw away he added that  I could try turning the whole thing off and starting it again.
Those of us with computers and printers know this solution only too well but it seemed unlikely advice for a TV.
How ever it was worth a try...and it worked!
I rang the very kind engineer back!
I am not sure if this solution will work again but it's certainly something to consider....
Turning everything off to reboot it seems to work with machines....it's a pity it doesn't work people. It's Michaels funeral today.


  1. Prayers for you on Michael's funeral. Doubtless there will be tears, but think of him being at rest in Glory with God, alongside David and the first David, and your children - praying for you as you struggle on in life and ministry.

  2. TVs seem to get more and more like computers! I hope Michael's funeral is all that it needs to be for you. Prayers for you in your grief for all you have losses.