Thursday, 18 August 2016

Regrets...I've had a few!

Yesterday we were back in Hamburg. I was last here in June, twice. The first time I went on an excursion and heard a wonderful organ recital as well as seeing the sights from the bus as we travelled.
I had planned no excursions because I was going to spend the day with Michael on board....
I could still go out, get on the shuttle bus and explore on foot but my heart wasn't in it!
Instead I stayed on board, drinking coffee in a comfortable lounge and regretting things.
We had planned everything on this trip together so it is bitter sweet much of the time.
Last night I found that two ladies from the supper table had the next room to me! The one Michael should have had!
Oh hell, this is self inflicted pain but it was inevitable I think...
My only consolation is that by the time I've spent two weeks lamenting I shall get home and be ready to start again..
"One more step into the world I go." I can hum it as I go...
"From the old world to the new I go travelling along with you!"
I'm not as miserable as I sound...I laughed a lot last night at the act described as "A comedy juggler" the poor man needed some support!
Some laughter , some tears, many regrets....the world turns and I turn with it...
So be it Lord.

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  1. Prayers for you today. Laughter is good medicine. Better than being morose. Your writing is very descriptive of emotional turmoil and it's a privilege to share it.