Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Cunard on the whole looks after its crumbling guests. Once when Michael was very frail I borrowed a wheel chair for him which fortunately we only used for one day.
There are many people on board who are mobility challenged. All sorts of variations on the Zimmer frame are around both on the decks and inside.
Having watched the brave people negotiating their way around the ship, determined to be able to do everything they always used to do....I expect that at some stage I will join their ranks....but not yet.
Marching around the ship, scorning the comfortable chairs ranging the decks I had an astonishing thought...
Michael is not frail any more....he's not needing my help or any of the mobility aids we had been looking at.
He has his limbs in order again....
In middle age he had played golf...until he had to stop but that's the Michael now, striding the heavens, out of pain and able to get around without help.
David has no tumour now. My children are full of life and the joy they had in their youth .
I know I'm a soppy old woman and I know my entire world is built around us surviving death as laid down by Jesus..."I am the resurrection and the life said the Lord and he who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life."
So that's what I hope that it's true....which means my loved ones are up there sound in limb and functioning as they were when they were young... Or younger anyway....
Please God let it be true..

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  1. Perhaps our hope is to see them as when we loved them most? Not necessarily in the bloom of youth, but in maturity, but sound of wind and limb with no limitations. The idea from Revelation of a new creation can also be that our bodies will be renewed, yet changed as Christ was after the Resurrection - I do hope so. Transformed into his likeness