Sunday, 7 August 2016

The first iPad.

Trying to explain the Internet to my friend Michael was difficult...he had lived without it all his years and saw no reason to adopt modern technology in his old age.
The breakthrough occurred when he watched me doing my weekly shop . It took about ten minutes. No car was involved.
This did impress him....he saw the point of this!
His ancient computer was duly set up with a was a cumbersome business but it worked.
Many years ago I had done much the same thing with one of my friends here.
Although she has a laptop she finds an iPad the easiest way of shopping ...I helped her set it up to do her banking , shopping and chatting.
Trying to do much the same with Michael I had given him my old original iPad. It is still in good working order.
He spent the first evening with it on his own playing through much of my music having no idea how to stop it!
This iPad was sent back to me last week.
It was one of the saddest moment of my life. I had given it him....I knew he couldn't take it with him but here it was...back home!
I don't think he was ever comfortable with modern technology . He only tried it to save his legs.
Sitting with it on my knee yesterday I marvelled at its brightness and how fast it still was.
One of my vices is to play games, card games on line! Whatever next?
Cribbage has an excellent site...and there was my original screen name. I had quite forgotten it! My avatar was a white lily!
I sat down to play a game....the site needed to be brought up to date but it still worked...I played a couple of games under my old screen name enjoying the fact that my regular opponents had no idea it was me!
The ancient iPad looks set to begin a new life...I cherish the knowledge that Michael had used it and had enjoyed it....if only for listening to my music!

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