Monday, 8 August 2016

The visitors have landed!

Gosh. I now remember why we bought a house well out of the village.
I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning...I went out early to do a couple of errands first.
I simply couldn't park.
I've never seen so many cars!
Places usually free for short time slots are easy most of the time. This solution yesterday was simply not possible. Places for parking for an hour were full. The situation in the village was amazing...first thing on a Monday morning every road, every lane, every parking space was full.
I parked some distance away and walked in, pleased that I'd gone early.
The nurse in the doctors said the cars had been there all night...
St Mawes was full!
It's always very busy indeed but I don't remember it being quite so bad before. Living in a house along the road leading to the village was absolutely the best bet!
Later in the day a couple of people rang me to say they had been unable to get out....their cars were hemmed in!
At least up here, out of the village , people can park a couple of meetings were rescheduled.
The sun shines...the beaches are full , it's all excellent for the economy. But getting around the village to pick up necessary supplies is going to be a test!
I can only assume that people are choosing not to fly anywhere at the moment.....and they've all arrived here this week!

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