Sunday, 21 August 2016

Statins and pain.

I hear the arguments for and against statins. I understand the medical concern that many people who should be taking the tablet are not....and I am one of them.
A few years ago my doctor told me about this wonderful new sounded wonderful so I took it!
A month later I stopped taking it.
I had had a month of pain. Standing up hurt. Sitting down hurt. Walking anywhere hurt. Lying in bed hurt!
I had not then heard the arguments and had no idea what was causing the pain but I thought it was probably worth not taking the tablet for a couple of days to see what happened.
No more pain....I was back to the reasonably fit women I had been!
So I didn't take any more......explaining to my doctor the reason why I was not asking for a repeat prescription.
He nodded gravely...he had obviously heard all this before...
I have listened to several arguments in favour of us all taking the tablet but there are other ways of keeping cholesterol down...
My diet now is mostly fish and seafood and I don't think I am in real danger....but even if I was the penalty of being in pain for the rest of my life is definitely a step too far!
Being an old woman is bad enough....without living all my days unwilling to move because it hurts...
I say again...old age is not for wimps!

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  1. Quite right Jean. Enjoying life is not all about doing things. Sometimes it is just being.

  2. Best to listen to your body, heart & mind Jean. Nothing wrong with slowing down & resting. Shame to miss holiday stuff of course but that coffee sounds good!

  3. The two comments above have appeared is if by magic....I can only assume that I have said all this before.

  4. I have been taking statins for about five years, without any side effects that I can detect. My Cholesterol has been normal for most of that time, but the doctor is reluctant to stop them. Apparently, due to my diabetes (well controlled) I am at a higher risk of a heart event, despite normal blood pressure and no history whatsoever. I have taken the advice, but the cocktail of medications now taken for diabetes, prostate, cholesterol and allergies makes it like a second breakfast. And having to take diabetes meds three times a day is impossible for me to keep up. I forget to take them, forget to take them out with me if I am eating out. So, all three are gulped down as a time and I haven't detected any adverse results from it. It's a pain, but I'm thankful for the health service interventions and my age, which makes the prescriptions free (although diabetic meds are free, whatever your age).