Thursday, 25 August 2016

Counting my blessings

Feeling very weak both emotionally and physically I have woken up this morning, determined to lift the cloud of misery currently enveloping me.
I am coughing...but this is an old familiar condition for us asthmatics I can deal with this....I have a new inhaler!
The best news today is that all the sporting stuff seems to be over...
The Olympic Games ,the variations of tennis, football and cricket all seem to have disappeared from my various screens...
August Bank holiday happened whilst I was at sea.
The schools go back next week.
My wifi has come back from its sulk!
My car is serviced and MOT'd
Brexit still happened but I can live with this now. I think!
My gardener arrives in five minutes.
Tesco arrives an hour later...
Once I have a fully stocked fridge I can face the world as viewed from TregearVean !
Thank you God.....I am getting there....I think!

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