Monday, 29 August 2016

Weird or just sad?

This has just been too weird a trip! I am on the Cunard flagship surrounded by a huge number of Germans.
This morning I turned up at the theatre to listen to a lecture on the Royal family and I waited patiently for it to start ,aware of no English at all being spoken around me.
All became clear as I realised that the lecture I was waiting for was in German....oooops!
Outside on deck people are lying about in glorious sunshine....which is another thing I can't do any more!
Unfair is not a useful word in this context but somehow it is the way I feel right now!
We are in the North Sea which is only slightly ruffled .
I have tried to console myself by buying too much stuff all of which has to be carried off at the end!
I am starting to believe the friend who said God was picking on me which is ridiculous and I know it but nothing has been normal, nothing is what I expected.
I am keeping to the routine Michael and I followed on the last four cruises.
I  am drinking our lunch time drink. Gin!
I have spent far too much money !
I have only one consolation. At home in Cornwall it's August Bank holiday! And by the end of the week the exodus will have started...
So light is appearing dimly at the far end of the tunnel!

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  1. I am sad that your trip has been so problematic. I do hope that the return home will bring a little peace. Prayers for you as you move forward.

  2. Thank next door neighbours tell me I have bronchitis. Judging by the coughing.....arghhhh

  3. I suffered from that as a child. A really chesty cough. I hope that you can get some soothing linctus to help, but it might need antibiotics to clear it. Prayers continue.