Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Being old is not for wimps.
I know I am an old arguments there...all I have to do is walk up my stairs too quickly, or look in the mirror on a bad day to find evidence that indeed I am an old woman...
But like most other ancient people I don't feel old.
Inside I am still the eighteen year old girl who defied her parents to go to college rather than into the cotton mill.
Looking back I can see many such occasions when I went in the opposite direction from that ordained for me!
But I don't feel bolshy most of the time .
I have been fortunate in my old age in many ways.
I live in a beautiful place. I go off around the world fairly frequently with great joy for the most part!
Listening to other people of my age I realise how very lucky I have been in so many ways...
I am having a lot of visitors right now .
I enjoy these...mostly friends from the time in my life before I reached my dotage....
Trying to explain the problems of being old isn't necessary when the visitor is a similar age and this weeks collection all go back many years...
Where it gets hard though is when dealing with the young . They are not arrogant by choice...but when one of them tells me how much better things were for me in my youth I tend to react badly....
So if you are young, try listening! Often the person in front of you has had some interesting life experiences...don't write people off because they appear to be crumbling.
By definition we ,the survivors are not wimps...and are likely to react badly if we are treated as though we were....
Remember that on our inside we are still only eighteen!

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  1. UKViewer has left a new comment on your post "Ancient?":

    I know the feeling :( I feel about 25 (when I was at my peak of fitness, running long distance and being adventurous (Army Life does that for you, even if you don't feel that way inclined), but the body tells me different.

    Aches and pains.
    Knee's crack often.
    Bruises appearing, and I can't remember how.
    Feeling giddy when I stand up quickly.
    Eyesight with cataracts starting.
    Old injuries, long since cured, now coming back in the form of arthritis.
    Restricting diet to avoid putting on weight (and failing)
    Telling people my hair is naturally gray.
    Looking around and thinking how skimpy the clothes are that young women wear (forgetting the sixties and how we reveled in miniskirts).
    Seeing young people wearing 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's fashion revitalised with nostalgia.
    Waking up in the middle of the night needing the loo.


    1. Sorry.... I once again hit the wrong button on my tiny little screen! Definately another age related problem!