Saturday, 17 September 2016


The gremlins are still out to get me.....
Looking at my post this morning I saw a notice telling me that I had successfully changed my Skype password!
I have never had  one!
I don't use this wonderful invention because none of my friends have it...
I have watched other people chatting to friends from all over the globe but I have never used it myself......most of my friends would have no idea what it was if I suggested it!
So I don't have a password!
Having seen this mail when I first woke up I then saw it disappear!
I haven't finally gone bananas honestly!
A quick search revealed that my iPhone had shunted it into the trash can!
Also in my trash were an interesting collection of advertising mails. One purveyor of clerical items has it seems been designated trash by Apple....
Lots of Advent diaries adverts have been sent into the bin on my behalf!
The inner workings of the Internet are still mostly a mystery to me...
I use email , I blog, I often shop, using the wifi without going into any arcane details...
So far it's all been fine....and next week with the help of my friends I hope to go Superfast which will stop my irritation with the slow broadband speeds...
I am grateful for all the mysterious technology .
But heaven preserve me from all its weird shades who are all out to get me!

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  1. I hope that you can type superfast to keep up with the superfast broadband.