Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hippie reflections!

Today is the Autumn Equinox. The day when the days and night are equal....
During my hippie youth both the solstices and the equinoxes were important days in my life!
I was an Astrologer for many years....never professionally serious but I did a lot of charts for family and friends!
It's odd now to think back to the mind set which would take me to the top of the mountain near where I lived on both Midsummer and Midwinter days!
I never think now about the position of the planets...I haven't seen an Ephemerist for many years...but occasionally when things are going badly wrong for me I do wonder where Saturn might be...
That planet in Astrology is the teacher and when it's in opposition to a sun it always portends awful events!
Saturn must have been in opposition to my sun for years...
I know it's all rubbish now...but for many years I enjoyed making charts for my friends new babies.....
Several have got in touch with me as to how my predictions at birth worked out thirty years later.......ahem!
Life has taken me in odd ways along the highways and byways of faith...but the common belief in God has always been there and an essential part of who I am!
Now in old age I can look back to my hippie youth with affection and laughter...the small part of me that is left pays a nodding recognition of my path through faith...and I still enjoy the equinoxes and the solstices.
Thank you God!

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  1. In the swinging sixties and seventies I was already in the Army and a short haired soldier. Hippies didn't entirely pass us by, but the lifestyles did. Smoking pot and unwed relationships and wearing flowery clothes were a luxury.

    The forces were deployed operationally in Aden, Borneo and Malaya, fighting a communist insurgency, and Northern Ireland was about to blow up in our faces - and perhaps we were all quite conservative and wedded to tradition (held fast in the grip of the fifties).

    I loved the music, but when I looked around the world and say the USA and Australia and New Zealand engaged in Vietnam, saw the Iron Curtain with Russia threatening the West, while stirring up conflict where ever they could, the peace that the hippies longed for, just seemed (at the time) a pipe dream.

    How naive were we - compared to the world today, there was relative stability and we were about to undergo a social and sexual revolution which made some lives better, and those in poorer countries being exploited for our benefit, worse.

    And the advent of terrorism by radicals in Palestine and Northern Ireland, damaged our feeling of self-centred security for ever.

    Hippy was a lovely idea, but in a pragmatic world, not one that could work. Sad really.