Thursday, 1 September 2016


I am home.the journey was very fast...a mere 4 hours!
This makes up for a dreadful cruise but only just.
I really have not enjoyed this holiday .
My being ill certainly didn't help but sitting with other people this morning waiting to disembark I realised we had all had poor experiences compared to others.
I realised we can't all fall in love..... Not often anyway but by all the talk from the seasoned fellow travellers ( no double entendre intended ) there were quite a lot of factors we all disliked.
I'm trying very hard not to be racist but the German contingents did appear to have taken over the ship!
Several people agreed that though the QM2 had been very nicely made over we still didn't like it....several said they would never darken its doorsteps again....including me !
I shall certainly avoid any visits to Hamburg again...enough is enough...
It is very good to be home , even without my loved ones...
I shall spread the unpacking over several days now....I am working on Sunday and need to get my head in the right place fairly soon...
As for the questionnaire...asking for my input...which got here sooner than I did...I shall wait to get a reply to the letter I intend to send....if my view is so important to them I want some reassurance that they are listening!

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  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you have had a rough time.
    Settle back into the routine and enjoy what St Mawes, Roseland and Cornwall have to offer.

  2. Sad that you had such a bad time, but reassured that you're home and as feisty as ever :)