Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nuclear power.

Years ago the news that a nuclear power station was going to be built in Somerset would have bothered me, as did all things nuclear...
I am of the generation that saw the damage done by dropping nuclear bombs on Japan. It was bleakly dangerous and not just at the time of detonation...people are still bearing the scars of that act of I viewed everything nuclear with massive suspicion resulting in my joining CND from the start. This feeling was further heightened when the nuclear accident in Russia brought toxic clouds as far as North Wales where I lived.
My second husband David changed all that!
His company had built a nuclear power station , and he had been involved in the work.
A long time ago during a time of massive power cuts he had realised that at some stage fossil fuels would run out...alternates would have to be found.
That was why we put solar tiles on our roof and wanted a windmill . We failed to get the wind power but for the first time during some earnest conversations I could see the benefits of nuclear power...once I'd learned to not see them in the context of bombs.
What it is going to take to get this huge new project built is something else...any construction involving the English, Chinese and French might be "interesting"
But I find that I am welcoming the news rather than regretting it...
David did his job well!

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  1. It's a fact that fossil fuels will eventually expire as a source of power. I wonder why we are not concentrating on real alternative, particularly wind and wave power. Given the strength of the environmental effects on the UK, there must be scope for their development, but we hear very little about renewable sources of green energy.

    Nuclear power might be a solution in the short term, but we are storing up trouble for future generations, when we store nuclear waste in huge underground bunkers

    Perhaps our short term expediency is a bit selfish, we are only thinking of ourselves. I believe that we should be working harder to identify natural sources of energy, and not choosing to use ones that can damage our world.

    Perhaps if we spent more time on the science of reusing nuclear materials over and over again, until their harmful radiation is expended, I might feel more friendly towards nuclear power - but until that happens, I will still oppose it.