Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Odd weather!

Waking in the middle of the night I was startled by great flashes of light!
Looking out of the window I saw the entire countryside bathed in flashes of very white light...
I heard no sounds...it didn't seem to be thundering. ...there were just great lightening flashes !
It rained here yesterday. It wasn't hot.
This was a relief. I lived in Essex for twenty five years..and during that period the temperatures rose drastically every summer!
We all invested in fan heaters and those of us with dogs were frequently found sitting by the river where the dogs played happily whilst they cooled off!
Living here there is always a bit of a breeze even on hot days which is bliss!
But then I'm old.....my days of swimming out to sea, my golden retriever at my side are over...
For the first time of my life I have slowed down noticeably. I forget things.
I can't walk or swim for miles...I eat tiny meals...
Ano domini is approaching fast! But my cough is better, I'm busy again and life is returning to normal which is good most of the time...
The high temperatures affecting the rest of the country are not happening here!
I just hope I am not losing my hearing now....the great white sheets of lightening last night were not accompanied by thunder.....
I am a firm believer in "use it or lose it" but hearing doesn't seem to fit into this!
Old age is not for wimps!

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  1. But it is for all of us, fortunate enough to survive.

    Your broadband must be running a bit faster today, as this post is up early - unless you posted it yesterday and it only just reached us?

    1. I was just up before everyone else this morning apparently! It's gone horribly slow again now!

  2. Your sheet lightning sounds pretty frightening to me Jean.
    We have and are still having the horrendously hot weather but without the benefit of a nice strong breeze.
    It will probably end in thunder storms, but not for a day or two I understand.
    As I am typing this my hands and arms are dripping (yuk) and my hair is plastered to my head. Really not nice.
    I'm glad for the people who love hot weather but am not one of them.