Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Old images.

The way we keep our precious memories has undergone complete change in the last few years..
Photographs of much loved people used to be placed carefully inside albums to be looked at in our old age!
I have several of these now, mostly unopened for years...
All my photographs taken in the last ten or so years are stored on my computer...I can print them out if I want to but there doesn't seem much point.
Whilst I was away last month, I spent much too long on my own in my cabin coughing .
Inevitably I took pictures of fiords and looked at old photographs stored on my iPad.
At one stage feeling very miserable I looked right through the whole lot and realised that I had no pictures of my children. Not one!
Coming home I found lots of pictures of my son but my daughter died before the digital revolution occurred...
I then got out old albums to search for old pics which I photographed using my mobile phone!
During this search I found some very old pics of me...gosh I've changed....
The whole episode has been very odd....I've obviously got far too much time on my hands...
But I now do have pics of my children on my phone and my computer...
In my barn are several large boxes full of old play scripts and old photos.
This is a project for the winter..it could be very interesting...but only to me , I have no intention of taking everyone down memory lane....
The old pics of my son complete with curly hair after going for a perm, the sight of my daughter playing her flute in a school concert will sit side by side with my various golden retrievers...to be brought out only on rare days...I am fully aware of the dangers of living in the past.
From the lofty heights of old age I can enjoy old holidays, old friends, old boats...but not yet Lord, not yet!

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  1. Photographs are a prompt for memory. I scanned loads of our photographs and have them stored in the cloud, so whatever device I am on - I am able to access them.