Sunday, 25 September 2016

Packaging issues!

Has the world gone mad? Has someone somewhere got a massive stock pile of cardboard that must be used....
Why does everything we order these days come swathed in huge cardboard containers?
This was a conversation after church yesterday as we all set off for home knowing that a recycling day was coming!
Everyone contributed horror stories......we all live in rural large shops for a long way! So we order things on line!
And this is becoming a problem. Particularly if we care about the recycling!
David recycled therefor so do I but its getting harder. I'm not made for jumping on cardboard boxes!
Why does everything we order these days come embedded in brown cardboard?
I ordered a new walking stick last week( not for me). It arrived inside a huge cardboard box! It was one slim plastic stick. Even if it had been bumped and banged along the way nothing would have hurt it!
If I order clothes I pray they will arrive in a plastic bag! They are soft! They won't get damaged if they get chucked about...but no , cardboard it is!
Everyone had similar complaints...jumping on all these boxes is not good for us old ladies!
When I sent for some wood paint for my summer house it arrived in a huge cardboard box. Inside the box was the packing. Several rolls of soft brown plastic....taking up huge amounts of room...I'm putting them with the kitchen rubbish, one roll at a time!
I know things have to arrive in good order, packed and protected but really some of the time could we just have soft clothes in tough plastic bags?
Jumping on all these boxes has to be done on Sunday because the van arrives very early on Monday morning so the sight of me complete with dog collar can be found most Sunday's jumping around with flat feet and flailing arms....and I'm not even mentioning the bottles!

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  1. I use a sharp knife and cut every sealed up bit until it opens out flat, it then goes in the recycling bin.
    Like you, I find jumping up and down impossible, and since I have arthritis in my hands cannot break them up by hand.
    There must be an easier solution.

  2. We have similar problems. But I do as Ray does - use a knife to cut the tape on boxes and fold them down. I than take them to the local recycling bank, almost of a daily basis. We could put them in the collection boxes, collected fortnightly, but the lids blow off and the contents end up scattered all over the road.

    We have a breed of ruffian around here who like to wander around if you put the collection boxes out overnight to tip them up and throw the contents over the front garden. So we don't use those boxes, which are currently a filing system for CD's and DVD's.