Monday, 19 September 2016

Prayers to St Gabriel!

I do not need another day like yesterday again for a very long time! My new hub arrived .
The instructions for setting it up were very scary......I knew I couldn't do it...
A very kind man arrived to help!
The poor man spent most of the day trying to get the hub up and running!
It was supposed to glow blue.
It glowed green, orange and purple at various times but not blue.
Every phone point in the house was inspected...over the years some very weird solutions had been put really is a nightmare...
Eventually we carried the hub upstairs....the overhead phone line comes into the house in my bedroom!
Finally with a stronger signal it glowed blue...the right colour to accommodate Superfast!
During all of this my friends mind boggled at the slowness of my broadband!
Today BT say I will be linked to the fibre net work...when things should speed up!
They tell me not to could take up till midnight!
We shall see! Clearly getting Superfast installed into this ancient farmhouse may be asking far too much!
Another friend has done some research....apparently the Saint to address prayers to is St Gabriel the patron saint of technology!
A combination of high tech and prayer is asking rather a lot...but I do hope that this time tomorrow a tiny miracle may have produced a faster browsing speed...
We shall see! Come on St Gabriel!

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