Saturday, 10 September 2016

Recycling again!

I am travelling inland again this morning. and when I get home I have work to do!
It's a recycling weekend here. The van arrives very early on Monday morning so, complete with dog collar I can be found on Sunday afternoon jumping on boxes, collecting empty bottles, both plastic and glass and sorting them all into the correct containers.
I know it's a worthwhile occupation but on Sunday afternoons it gets very tedious!
After I've done that I will then collect together stuff for Calais.
Two girls from the next village took a van load last year before the winter started...I salute these young women so today, after the recycling I will look for heavy jackets, rugged footwear, shampoo, toothpaste and anything that could come in handy in the sort of desperate circumstances the people in the camps find themselves in.
They are meeting in another of the churches this week so I will be taking stuff tomorrow....
I will also be taking's needed for the fuel of the vehicle they are driving...
I am now too old to be active in the way I used to be but I will try very hard to support those who want to help!
So after this mornings service there won't be much time to have my after lunch slump....but by this evening I shall be ready for a glass of something uplifting whilst I watch the next episode of Poldark...
So be it Lord! I can still do all this!

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