Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Super slow!

I am back to an old moan this morning.....I have a very poor connection!
My wifi is very slow right now.....loading some of my favourite sites can take minutes!
I live in a rural spot and have been told that I will never get superfast.
I can mostly live with that until the current situation kicks in and I have to think twice about doing anything....it takes far too much time!
So in the last couple of days thanks to Timehop and Facebook I see that this time last year I was also moaning....
This must be the worst period in the year but I'm not sure why!
School goes back this week which means that many of our upcountry visitors have gone home!
This though is the time when the golden oldies arrive!
I recognise this as I used to be one of them. David and I always arrived when the children went back to school...
September is a beautiful month down here, the beaches are much emptier, the walks are full of golden wonder!
My walking and swimming days seem to have drawn to a natural close.....but old friends are now arriving....
They can't all be on the Internet all the time!
Hopefully this period will be a short one....in the meanwhile things that take seconds normally are taking minutes now.....I am fighting the irritation but not always successfully.
Ignore any screams heard in passing!

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  1. Never good when your internet is on go slow. I visited my SD this morning and his Ipad wasn't printing via wifi to his wifi enabled printer. Having ascertained that the wifi signal was on, I was able to connect it to an error message that the new printer cartridges that his son had put in, were the wrong type. As I left, he was off to get the right ones - hopefully, his printer woes will be cured.

    I do hope that your broadband picks up soon, the obvious questions have you tried resetting the router?