Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I have been very frustrated over the last couple of weeks by the slowness of my broadband . Cornwall is still full of golden oldies now the children have gone back to school. They have all apparently brought their iPads on holiday! Years ago when superfast was being introduced I was told by BT that I would never be able to use it....I was too remote.
Last week I apologised on Facebook to any of my friends waiting for a reply...it could take days!
A man who organised Superfast for the Roseland saw the apology and went into overdrive, ringing someone from Openreach and yes...I just about qualify now so yesterday , having spent an entire morning trying to download a very important letter, I rang BT and yes they tell me I am just within reach!
My new router arrives next week...and they tell me it's easy to install....ahem!
They also tell me it will be much faster!
This is wonderful though I hesitate to rhapsodise until it's up and running....nothing that is easy for anyone else is simple for me....but the same man who told me I could now qualify has said he will also help if necessary!
So today I am hoping that the hours it takes to do anything, including posting this blog are coming to an end....next week!
As I am now moving myself along at snail pace it will be wonderful to be able to join the human race again...but I am not taking success for granted...
Experience has taught me to expect the unexpected all the time....
But I will have my fingers crossed next week!

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